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Nobody likes me. I don’t even think my best friends do. Every weekend they hang out together, and send pictures of them having fun to me. Why? Why do they have to do this.

Yet, they don’t let me have other friends. They don’t care about me. Everything I say, they ignore. They are the “popular” girls in my school. I’m just in their shadow. Everybody talks to them while I stand there not knowing what to do.

I hide everything from them. I have a secret life that they don’t know about. Like, how I come home every night and am scared out of my mind. But even if they would know, they wouldn’t care. How comes some  every person in this world only cares about them selves? I have always been there for them. But they have never been there for me. To back me up, even to help me. 

And I don’t want people to feel bad for me. I just want someone to be there. Anybody.

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